Compensation Package

We strive to provide more everyday.

WiseSoft provides a comprehensive benefits package.

Our Benefits Include:

Health and Dental
It is among the best that you can get. We have excellent coverage for all our employees, their dependents and spouses.

WiseSoft provides a tax qualified 401(k) plan for all full-time employees.

Training and Development
WiseSoft supports all of its employees in the learning process, for work related needs. We support our employees in the purchase of books and reference material they might need on a project. We also support and encourage professional certifications outside of regular working hours. We reimburse cost if pre-approved and performance is satisfactory.

Professional Development
We work with each employee to optimize his or her professional development and growth. We provide all of the support needed to ensure that this happens. This spirit and commitment to our employees is valued and treasured. We are however, at times constrained by business logistics and have to work within its parameters.

And unlimited Coffee And More…..

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